About Us

Professionals but with a touch of the personal is what describes Mortar Construction the best. We are a leading name in the renovation, reconstruction, and building value-add and have a strong portfolio of prestigious projects under our belt to vouch for the premium quality of our work, and timely deliveries. It’s our firm belief that for the kind of memories it holds, a property is meant to last for at least a couple of generations, if not more.

In all our works, our aim is to preserve the intrinsic value of a place, even while adding modern amenities to it. We also use top quality products and material from trusted vendors. In addition, no matter the duration or size of the project, Mortar follows comprehensive safety and risk management standards in all its undertakings. The health, safety, and welfare of on-site construction workers, and vendors are also important to us, and we strive to ensure health, safety, and management of all construction sites under our control.

Started as a one man’s dream in 2009 (erstwhile name, Sikar), Mortar Construction is now a flourishing 150-strong organization with three, plush offices in Mumbai and a strong portfolio of projects in commercial and residential space, restaurants, public buildings as well as private and public recreational, landscaped areas.

The goodwill of the company is such that clients, who have worked for us in the past, later bring their friends and business associates to us. The biggest chunk of our business comes from repeat clientele.

Well-known for our professionally-qualified team of architects, structural engineers, civil work experts and interior designers, clients don’t have to worry about the workmanship, timelines and budget overspends, when they come to us.

Be it a heritage building, or a century-old family home, at Mortar, we understand the importance of retaining the ethos of a place even while preparing it for modern-day living comforts. Over the years, Mortar Construction has renovated and added a slew of private houses, offices, schools and hotels to its ever-expanding project roster.

About Our Founder

A ninth standard dropout, with no formal education in architecture, civil engineering, masonry or interior designing, our founder, Shri. Rameshwar K. Bhadhwa walked into this field by design and diligence (not accident) some 35 years ago as an apprentice mason. Thereafter, there was no looking back.

Quick on the take, he began to take sharp interest in learning the ropes of the trade from a few established architects – Bijoy Jain, Samual Barclays, Samira Rathod, Parijat Mishra, Pranav Naik, and Anand Patel to name a few – established a strong, business network and gradually worked his way up the ranks by rolling up his sleeves and learning the craft at the factory floor from masons, electricians and carpenters. Passionate about the work he was determined to learn, and having started from virtually nothing, he was above any kind of socio-economic divide.

Very soon, he started being recognized as the man of integrity who could wield magic with any project and who knew the value of time, money and above all quality.

It was time, for the patriarch to launch his own dream boat with a handpicked team and a single, clear objective that Mortar Construction has been following to date – forming relations first and profits later.

Supported by the architect and interior designer fraternity, he is today held in high regard for his tremendous knowledge of the field, his honesty, and commitment towards his craft. In his private time, he loves traveling with his family, studying architecture, making mental notes of heritage buildings and admires Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Dharmendra Deol as role models in their respective fields of politics and films.