Why Choose Us?

There are several reasons to opt for our service.

Quality is our middle name

Our founder, Rameshwar Kaluram Bhadwa began his career as a small-time apprentice. A first-generation entrepreneur, it was his down-to-earth approach, business ethics and an undying commitment to quality, besides an unblemished track record of always delivering on time, and within budget that established Mortar Construction as a brand with a head count of 150 direct employees, today. Over 50% of our business comes from client referrals. We have a strong record of not losing a client, ever.

Our professional approach

We are not just another civil works company. We have a long history of over 35 years work in this industry, and earning the respect of all our peers through our recognition as a professional service provider. We are extremely fair and square in our business dealings with our clients, our employees and all other stakeholders, such as our vendors, co-contractors and multiple government entities.

Innovative technique

We are known in the industry circle for our out-of-box ideas and innovative, problem-solving approach to design and execution. Where others stop thinking, we start innovating. Our past projects testify to this belief. We are known to make sea changes with small, carefully-conceived, engineering interventions to infuse positive energy in the occupants’ lives.

Ever learning and always accessible

On every project, we have learnt a lot from our clients. We are always eager to hear out their ideas and turn their dreams into a reality. Our Site Managers are always available to collaborate, plan, propose and execute. Our clients can reach us through multiple channels. We are always happy to hear from you and promptly act on your suggestions because after all, it’s your baby we are bringing to life.


Wedding to quality in all our undertakings, we don’t believe in cutting-corners to save cost. Instead, we are forever conspiring to bring in more efficiency into our activities that would drive down the costs for our clients, without compromising on the quality.

For this, we first endeavour to understand our clients’ exact space requirements and then proceed on to propose the best solution that matches their needs to the T. Although there is a slim chance of it happening, even after the project is delivered, we will stand by you, through and through, and you can count on us for any subsequent interventions, if and when required.

Transparent project management

The one thing that our industry lacks today is honesty. With building contractors focused solely on cutting time and costs, the results are poor-quality, irresponsible civi9l and electrical work. In contrast, we are willing to lose rather than compromise on quality and honesty simply because we are in this game for the long haul.

On-time delivery

Based on our years of experience, we are able to precisely estimate the turnaround time required to complete a project. Further, our planning and project management is so detailed, that we rarely overshoot the hand-over date and steadfastly adhere to the deadline. This also helps us plan our activities better and deliver better outcomes.